Cambridge University Women's Rugby Team

Cambridge University
Women's Rugby Team

This year's Varsity is being held at Cambridge (Grange Road) on the 7th of March!

First Place - BUCS Midlands 1A 2008-9, 2009-10
Second Place - BUCS Midlands 1A 2012-13, 2013-14
First Place - RFUW Championship Midlands 2 2009-10
Double Victory - Varsity Match 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
BUCS Semifinalists - 2009-10

Welcome to CUWRFC

At Cambridge University Women's Rugby Football Club we have members ranging in experience from complete beginners to "elderly" veterans, having played rugby before university or just from having been here forever!

Women's rugby is an ever-growing sport, and is continually gaining in recognition. The aim of the club is to both promote the sport and provide a great opportunity for beginners—and of course to have fun whilst we do these things!

The dedication of our players and two excellent coaches allows us to play in both the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) national league as well as the RFU Women's League. We also play an annual Varsity match against Oxford University which alternates in location between Cambridge and Oxford.

If you are interested in joining our team, check out some more information here or email our captain, Sian, if you have any questions. No previous experience necessary, only keenness!

Check out our facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Also check out the men's website to see recent match reports for both men and women. To find out more about women's sports in Cambridge visit The Osprey's website

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28 February 2014:
Cambridge 22-8 Chichester

From the kick off, Cambridge realised that they were up against the strongest team this season. The fact that Chichester beat Nottingham Trent, top of the BUCS league, 51-7 spurred CUWRFC on. An early penalty for Chichester due to poor handling put them in the lead, as they kicked for the posts. But team spirit was high on the Cambridge side and the girls did not let themselves get discouraged. Some liquid rugby and a cheeky offload from Katie Holmes at three enabled Tia Knight to score CUWRFC’s first try. With some mighty catches off the kick off by Jenni Sidey at four and some solid tackles put Cambridge in good sight, but Chichester came back fiercely, utilising our lack of depth in attack to catch the offloads off number ten Sian McGuinness and score under the posts, bringing the score to 8-5 to Chichester. But CUWRFC did not give up, dismantling the oppositions defence with their powerful attack. Poor discipline, however, led the Blues to conceded several penalties, but the commitment they showed in the rucks and some sloppy play from Chichester found number five Steph Leddington over the line for Cambridge’s second try, bringing the score to 10-8 at half time.

The second half was dominated by CUWRFC, who made the most of the overlap, enabling Clare Donaldson to score a try in the left hand corner. A solid defence and poor hands from Chichester cut short any further scoring for the opposition, despite coming very close on two attempts. The last try was scored by CUWRFC’s number two, Tash Faulkner, which was then converted by Sian McGuinness, bringing the final score to 22-8, another fantastic win for CUWRFC. Through to the semi finals of the BUCS Trophy Cup and with two more matches to go before Varsity, CUWRFC have had a fantastic season so far, and look to continue their winning streak in the next two weeks.

Cambridge 68-0 Sussex

It Cambridge First Team, leaving the seconds at home in a local derby game against ARU. Cambridge started off strong in this Cup match, providing a strong defence and attack. Sussex Uni quickly realised that they weren’t going to walk away without a win, and their attack crumbled, enabling a first try to be scored by number 8, Bryony Coombs, after a cheeky offload by number 10, Sian McGuinness Unsatisfied, Bryony stole another try off the back of the scrum and powered through their defence. Both these tries were converted by Sian, bringing the score to 14-0, as Cambridge continued to dominate the game. Sian then snatched a quick try by calling a change of direction, exploiting the potential of the blindside with her quick feet and determination. Number 3 Katie Holmes’ try was held up, but with heads held high, she enabled another try by giving a quick pop to number 12 Helen Lambert. Further tires were scored by number 6, Steph Leddington and Bryony Coombs, leading to a demoralised Sussex and a score of 34-0 for Cambridge.

The second half kicked off with a bang, with a great pick up from the kick off by number five Jenny Sidey , who made a good run and offloaded to our Captain, the mighty Jess Gurney, who powered through to score a try. Antonia Robbins exploited the lack of guards and bodyguards, and utilised her speed to score a try under the posts. This was then converted by Sian McGuinness. Finally, the backs were able to show off their skills, and, with their good handling, they passed it down the line. A cheeky break from Sian enabled Tia Knight to score a try, using the overlap, and placing the ball between the posts, which gave Sian an easy conversion. Out of steam and demoralised, Sussex’s bad handling led them to drop the ball on their try line, which Bryony dived on to score her fourth try. Number 13 Katie Westlake was awarded for her consistent good work throughout the match by a well-earned try to end the match, bringing the score to 68-0. CUWRFC travelled all the way to Sussex for the second round of the BUCS Cup, and, for the first time this season, fielded their provisional first team. The score was representative of the hard work everyone has put into to rugby this season, as they came together as a team, supporting each other and showing strength in defence and attack.

The third round will be played out this Wednesday 26th away against Chichester. With three matches to go before Varsity on the 8th of March, the team will be working hard to build on the skills they demonstrated today.

21 November 2013:
Cambridge 60-5 Lutterworth

After a Lutterworth kick-off, Cambridge made a good start to the match with Tia Knight making the first break of the match. Unfortunately after a slightly forward pass it was a scrum to Lutterworth. The difference in size showed in the scrums with Cambridge being pushed back. Lutterworth secured the ball no problem and their 12 made a feeble attempt at a break, but Cambridge tackling, improving week on week, took her down preventing anything more than a slight scare. Lutterworth, under pressure by the Light Blues, knocked on giving the scrum to Cambridge near the 22. A quick hook by skipper Jess Gurney ensured Cambridge kept the ball to allow Sian McGuinness, 10, to kick it out to safety. After each team losing their lineout (Lutterworth for not straight, Cambridge for no reason), some scrappy defense and another painful looking scrum, Cambridge were awarded a penalty and this time won their lineout. Somewhere in all the action, Tash Faulkner was sent off the pitch. Fear not supporters… Cambridge ladies were not misbehaving on the pitch. She just had a nosebleed. She stuffed some tissue up there and was soon returned. Hard as nails that girl. Lutterworth then managed to break through a slightly lazy Cambridge defense (I blame scrum half, Molly Byrne, and her horrendous hangover) to make it over the try line. It seems Cambridge realised what was happening just in time and managed to hold up the try. Lutterworth weren’t having this, gave it another go and this time got the ball down. MOLLY WHAT WERE YOU DOING? Did your mother never teach you the value of winning?

After working hard to turnover the ball after their kick-off, Byrne (still suffering heavily from the previous night), almost manages to undo all the hard work when she dropped the ball. Thankfully the referee took pity on her and awarded Cambridge the scrum. Which they lost (we’re only a little team after all). After another pause to fill her nose with yet more tissue, Tash steals the Lutterworth lineout ball allowing some good runs from Tia and Devan with great support from Sian, eventually resulting in yet another run from the Frenchwoman Tia Knight (ooh la la), and off-load to Sian and A TRY!!!! (Which she then went on to convert too). Well done Sian. Gold star.

Antonia Robbins, not wanting the backs to have all the fun, made her own break, but unfortunately got taken down by some solid Lutterworth defense, resulting in a turnover. President Steph Leddington wasn’t having that and got her arm in to rip the ball, unfortunately not having the desired effect, resulting in a rather large and weighty knee to the head. Don’t worry, she’s a fighter, and after a while was back on her feet to enter into a Lutterworth scrum.

Molly Byrne should maybe think about playing drunk/ hungover more often, she made a big old tackle on their 9 as she attempted to pass the ball of the scrum. Foolish Lutterworth, underestimating the power of the Byrnster; they did however, steal our lineout. A lot of turnovers, tackles, a scrum or two and some brakes from the Cambridge backs, we found ourselves on the Lutterworth try line. Molly, making things easy for herself, took the ball from a big pile of bodies, and under the protection of her hardworking forwards, pops the ball down over the line to take the glory of Cambridge’s second try. If I were her mother I would seriously consider having words with Byrne about the value of hard work… she can’t expect such and easy ride her whole life. Well… she studies History so suppose she wont have to work too hard for the next couple of years at least. Back to the match… a satisfactory run of events to end the first half.

Cambridge kicked off again; it was taken well by Lutterworth but they never made it out of their own half. After the scare of going 5-0 down, Cambridge had brought back its solid defense. Tia Knight, a petite little flower, put a HUUUGE tackle on their number 8, her polar opposite, resulting in a penalty to Cambridge. Molly made an unexpectedly good pass to Jess who managed a spectacular offload to Sian who proceeded to sprint half the pitch, even the ref was having a few troubles keeping up. Her try under the posts made it far easier for herself to add the extra 2 points with the conversion. Added bonus to the try was Lutterworth’s cry if ‘why do we have all these holes?’… I think they may need some lessons in biology.

Unfortunately Cambridge didn’t manage to retain the ball on kick-off, but Jess was on the case and put in one of her ferocious tackles, wiping out the opposition. It always surprises me when they manage to get up after one of her mighty hits. She then continued her excellent performance, hooking the ball away from Lutterworth in their scrum. After some excellent Cambridge ball handling the pitch clears and there’s our dear Captain on the floor, not getting up. Fear strikes the heart of the Light Blues, foolish really, her determination wouldn’t allow herself to come of the pitch while she’s still got all bodily parts intact. It’s at this point I notice coach Rob Conquest’s horrendous moustache. Movember can be a hard month for us ladies to put up with. That really is awful. Anyway… you can always follow him on Twitter if you wish to support his charitable cause or ‘for daily bant’ (quote Conquest). Back to the important stuff…

Scrum 1 – Cambridge number 8, Bryony Coombs, makes a great break and takes us almost to the line. Scrum 2 – Molly (who until now had retreated back into her hangover shell) manages to get a pass away, despite pressure from the opposition, and quick hands out to Devan, our new star from Princeton, who uses her fast feet to skip past the opposition to get the fourth try for Cambridge. Slightly unthoughtful of her though… a try in the corner didn’t make life easy for Sian who unfortunately missed the conversion.

Following the next kick-off, we feel a slight panic as Lutterworth have the ball near the Cambridge line for the first time since their early try. WHAT TO DO??? Ahh… sigh of relief as Sian appears with the ball. All is right in the world again. She does her usual dodging past several opposition players before getting tackled. Obviously she’s made a fantastically timed offload to supporting forward Bryony Combs. Our forward then sprints most of the pitch in her bright pink scrumcap, outrunning the Lutterworth backs, to score the first FORWARD TRY!! (We love them). Not satisfied with just reaching the line, she dodges a couple more players to make the conversion easier, putting the ball down between the posts.

Cambridge have the taste for tries now and after Byrne makes a cracking tackle on the intimidating opposition 8 (I think she thought she was an unopened bottle of beer) Cambridge get the ball back and reliable Tia Knight puts the ball over the line.

After the kick-off, Lutterworth somehow end up with the ball again. But this gives us the chance to stand in awe at Captain Gurney’s tackles. Phwoar Jess. That gets us the linout, which we win; Sian kicks the ball to safety, chases it and makes a huge tackle to get the ball back to Cambridge. We’re awarded a penalty and give the ball back to Tia, she dodges basically the entire Lutterworth team to get her second try.

Following tradition, Lutterworth end up with the ball after their kick-off, Jess makes a terrifying tackle (a cry heard from one of the opposition players as Jess approaches ‘Oh no, not again’) and Cambridge turnover. Some excellent passing and offloading between Molly, Sian, Bryony and Tia almost results in a third try for Tia. Sian, who’s performance to be honest has been sub-standard, decides to add yet more flare to her game, performing a forward roll with the ball, getting back on her feet and carrying on with her sprint to take the ball up to the line. Battling some solid Lutterworth defense we get the second FORWARD TRY of the match, well deserved score for Jess. She ruins it however with some disgusting PDA in the middle of the pitch with Ben, the reliable waterboy and fitness master. Save it for afterwards please… there’s rugby to be played.

I think the Lutterworth 9 must have been annoyed being taken out by a hung-over Cambridge midget (Byrne) so many times and decides to retaliate off a scrum, but don’t worry, Molly with her newfound alcohol induced talent, manages the offload before things get too bad. The ball’s back with Tia and we all know what happens here. Yup. Try. Making it a hat-trick for Tia. Between the posts this time, making the conversion easy for Sian. The following kick-off treats us to the excellent dancing style of Miss Tash Faulkner when the ball doesn’t go 10. No words could describe what we saw there but it was wonderful. Play continues, and the Cambridge give away a penalty (the ref helpfully shouting ‘Watch yourself Cambridge, black boots, long hair’ at which most of the team checks their behaviour.) No fear, we turned the ball over again, Sian kicks it to safety up the pitch followed by a huge tackle by Tia on the opposition player who dared pick up the ball. We take the ball back and it’s once more in the skilled hands of Jess Gurney. With the support of Tia, a wonderful dummy, and some surprising speed form the front row, Jess gets another well-deserved try at the same time managing to take out two of their players. I don’t know how she does it.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say Cambridge fairly satisfied with the result. Well done girls. And this time we didn’t embarrass ourselves during the match pint races either.

Forward of the match: Bryony Coombs

Back of the match: Tia Knight

Nominated by opposition: Jess Gurney

8 November 2013:
Cambridge 41-0 University of Bedford

Cambridge met their biggest rivals, the notorious Bedford Uni, on home turf this Wednesday. Bedford fielded a much less experienced team than last year, which led them to make avoidable mistakes, but many of their players still played a threat, making the game all the more exciting. The match started with a big push from Cambridge, both in defence and in attack, allowing a forward try to be scored by CUWRFC newbie, Nikki, which was then converted by Sian McGuinness. She quickly followed this by a try of her own, with an impressive run from her own twenty-two, bringing the score up to 14-0 at half time.

Cambridge did not let the rain affect their game and kept it steady in the second half, keeping up the great tackling and using the forwards to turn over the ball in the rucks. However, Bedford’s fierce number ten broke the line, but was quickly caught up and tackled from behind by Sian McGuinness, preventing her from scoring. This was followed by a try off the scrum by our very own number 8, Bryony Coombs, bringing the score to 19-0. CUWRFC did not allow themselves to get complacent and kept up the good work in attack and defence, with another try by Sian McGuinness, bringing the score to 24-0. One of the Light Blues main characteristics, their small size and pace, was admirably displayed by Bryony Coombs, who went in to score her second try of the match after a long and powerful run through the Bedford defence, showing that the team’s forwards are as fast as their backs. Cambridge’s maintained pressure on Bedford led to many dropped balls and conceded penalties from the red shirts, which enabled the Light Blues to take control of the match and play their game. After Bryony’s try, Sian struck again, providing great support to number 14, Jemima Lane, and scoring her third try of the game, bringing the score to 36-0. As the game drew to a close, CUWRFC had not said their last word, and Clare Donaldson scored a try of her own in the last minute, ending the match on 41-0 for CUWRFC, with 7 tries and 3 conversions. A great match for the Light Blues in which everyone displayed skill and commitment to each other, in support and in defence, bringing them still closer to the top of the BUCS league.

Forward of the Match went to Nikki Weckman, flanker, who looked like she was born playing rugby, and Back of the Match went to Molly Byrne, scrum half, who consistently made great decisions and provided support for her teammates.

13 October 2013:
Cambridge 46 – 19 Doncaster

After a heavy defeat the week before, the Cambridge ladies had something to prove at Grange Road today. It began well with an early try from Devan, a newcomer to the team. This was quickly followed by Poppy Brewer, a returning Blue, breaking down the wing to attempt try no. 2. Unfortunately their 14 was almost as quick as our speedy blonde bombshell and managed to catch her; Poppy had to pass the ball and Sian McGuinnes was there on her shoulder ready to take the glory of the second ‘under the post’ try. (An early double try whammy provided our waterboy Ben with a couple of excellent opportunity to show off his ‘jogging on with water prowess’. Jess – you must be very proud).

Doncaster then had their turn with the ball, showing some promising breaks through the line. Cambridge began to tackle a bit high and the opposition weren’t going down so easy. Ladies… you need to get low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low. The Doncaster no. 14, reared her speedy head again to score the first try for Doncaster, despite a big old tackle from our own Speedy Gonzalez, Poppy.

Clare Donaldson decided to take things into her own hands, got the ball, ran straight through the centre of their pack, dodging the arms as they reached out to grab her blond curly locks to score our third try under the posts. Clare obviously got a taste for tries and decided to share the experience with Devan again. Between the two of them they managed to pass the ball between them, each remaining in support for the other when the opposition winger got too close for comfort, with Devon scoring her second try for Cambridge, again between the posts (we quite like it there).

Things got a bit tense after this and Cambridge had to put up some solid defence on their own tryline as a scrum at 5m and a penalty against Cambridge almost saw Doncaster get their second score of the game. Thankfully a double movement on the tryline saved Cambridge, who were frightened into a fantastic try at the other end of the pitch. The ball began at Sian, who passed to Devan, on to Tia our French firebomb, to Poppy, back to Sian, to Molly (everyone held their breaths here) and finally back to Sian again who was there to score the try, which she then kindly converted for us. The following kick-off went straight into touch providing Cambridge with an opportunity to try out their new flare line-out move. It almost worked. Keep trying girls! Our lineouts may not have worked today but our backs were on fire, Tia decided to copy Clare, running straight through the pack to score another for the light Blues. No more tries this half but a quick mention for Molly who made a fantastic offload as she was tackled off the scrum… it really was a cracker. We all cheered on the sidelines.

Cambridge obviously got a bit too comfortable in the second half, and Doncaster upped their game. A line-out near the Cambridge try line allowed their players to use their size and strength to overpower the defensive line and score their second try. This was followed by some more faffing around the try-line allowing Doncaster a third. Poppy, like a puppy with a ball, decided to use her quick feet to scamper round their players and score another two tries to even out the second half score.

Forward of the match went to Bryony Coombs and Back of the match to Clare Donaldson. The player nominated by the opposition was Sian McGuinnes.

10 October 2013:
Bridgnorth 26-0 CUWRFC

For their first league match of the season, the Cambridge team travelled to the West Midlands to meet Bridgnorth ladies, where the final score tally did not represent the skill and improvement shown by all players during the match. The game started off strongly in defence, with a good line, powerful tackles by forwards and backs alike, and a strong scrum from the Cambridge team. However, this proved not to be quite good enough, and several fumbles over the ball meant that Bridgnorth were able to snatch the ball and score their first try which was converted.

After further scrums for each team, Birdgnorth were still the dominant attacking side, running decent lines with intensity and power, but the Cambridge defensive line proved too solid to sneak past, but an unsuccessful Cambridge penalty resulted in another converted try for the home team.

The first half finished with some much improved play from Cambridge, with the ball making it out to a strong back line including new player Devan Kreisberg, excellent tackles from Jess Gurney and Sian McGuiness and even a stolen lineout, giving Cambridge a positive outlook for the start of the second half. Unfortunately this was not enough, and in the second half a lack of solid recoveries and keeping ball possession from the Cambridge side, resulted in Bridgnorth adding two more tries to their score, despite a good Cambridge defence and particularly excellent play, both in defence and attack, from Tia Knight, and Bryony Coombs.  The match ended with a disappointing result for Cambridge, however the team showed immense promise, and it has highlighted areas of play that the team look forward to working on over the coming season.

Forward of the match went to Hannah Curzon for her consistently strong play in scrums, rucks and tackles. The back of the match went to Devan Kreisberg for running superb lines, always making sure she had support and bring there to support others too. For both players it was their first match for CUWRFC and they fitted in excellently to a team that has been playing together for a least a year, as if they had been there all the time!

22 March 2013:
Varsity 2013!

Cambridge lost to Oxford 5-15 in the Varsity women’s rugby match at Grange Road last Saturday. Despite the loss, the blistering pace and intensity in the game were testament to the leaps in quality that women’s rugby has made every year.

The Light Blues were dominant in the scrum at the start of the match, driving Oxford back at every opportunity. It took some very swift hooking for Oxford to create any scoring chances. However, the Dark Blues’ aggression at the breakdown and the calm response of their backs kept them in the game. At half time, despite a phenomenal break from prop Antonia Robbins, the tight match was still scoreless.

Cambridge started the second half determined to take the lead and they eventually created and converted their chance. It started with the backline executing a seamless set of draws and passes. Sammy Graham, coming on after starting on the bench due to injury and with her knee mummified in strapping, drew three Oxford defenders before offloading to Sian McGuiness. Sian had looped starting the move at fly half and powered the ball safely home in the corner to put Cambridge 5-0 up. It was Graham’s last Varsity match and she will be sorely missed by CUWRFC, especially with her terrorising tackling. But it is good to see her passing the ball on to Cambridge’s future starting line-up.

This elicited a fierce response from Oxford. They attacked back and scored a try in the next few minutes. Cambridge’s defence, which has improved throughout the season, lost concentration in a few crucial moments to allow Oxford to score two more tries. Cambridge tried to fight back in the dying moments but Oxford’s defence held on to win the match 15-5.

Prior to the start of the women’s Blues’ match, the Cambridge Tigers squared off against the Oxford Panthers. The match started evenly with both teams determined to stamp their authority. However, Oxford capitalised on their experience in the second half, particularly with their inside centre, a former Blue, pushing the Tigers’ defence hard.

Nonetheless, there were moments of excellent individual play from the Tigers. There were several breaks around the side of rucks from Sarah Paige, who continued to shine in her new position at scrum half.

Vice-captain Lizi McLoughlin executed the classic play of a flanker pretending to be a back to run home Cambridge’s solitary try by sprinting around the Oxford back line. Despite those individual plays, Oxford deservedly won 29-5 with better all-round play.

Although the double loss was disappointing, the effort from Cambridge that was put into both matches deserve recognition.

17 February 2013:
Cambridge 52 – 0 Warwick University

Cambridge University ladies team trekked to the midlands with a team, half of whom were broken in one way or another. But that didn’t stop yet another convincing win by the light blues.

Within the first 5 minutes we were a try up, scored by Tia Knight. Soon after (with only one glimpse of any attempt at a try from Warwick), Sian McGuiness sprinted half the pitch, to score the second. She then added a third to the collection with Tia taking the fourth.

The next event to boost the performance of the blues was the removal of Molly Byrne from the pitch. Her skills on the wing left a fair amount to be desired… no mother could be proud of that.

The first half was finished off with a try from someone different this time… Clare Donaldson. Sian McGuiness took the conversion and seemed to forget where she was aiming… sending the ball straight into the huddle of Warwickers instead of between the posts.

Starting the second half in the same way as she ended the first, another excellent break from Clare added a sixth try to the scoreline. Molly Byrne attempted to redeem herself at this point with some quick reactions and speedy running… never has water been carried onto the pitch so well. She then unredeemed herself after forgetting to take on the water after an excellent PROP TRY from Antonia Robbins. Credit for this has to be shared with newbie Pippa Horton who carried the ball through several players before they managed to stop her, still managing the offload to Steph Leddington who passed for the try to Antonia.

Not wanting to be left out of second half tries, Tia Knight did it again, closely followed by a well fought try from Steph Leddington who dived through the Warwick pack to reach the line. Another try for the front row. Adding to the steadily growing forward try tally, Katie Harries (another prop) broke free and outran all the Warwick backs to complete the set of front row tries.

Not the neatest game, but a convincing win with some excellent performances from some of the newer players. Special mention to new number 9 Sarah Paige who stepped up to the challenge and had a great game.

6 February 2013:
The University of Cambridge Intercollegiate Women’s Rugby 7s Tournament

On the Saturday 24th November 2012, on a damp, grey morning, 6 women’s college teams came together for a jubilant day of Sevens Rugby at St John’s College Sports Ground as the university of Cambridge welcomed its first intercollegiate Ladies Rugby tournament in three years.

The tournament began in two knock-out pools: one hosting teams from Selwyn, Jesus and Trinity Hall, the other Queens’, Emmanuel and the Hill Colleges Team (incorporating players from Murray Edwards and Churchill Colleges). The teams consisted of both more experienced players and ladies who had no experience or only a short introduction to the game. In a series of matches all participants displayed a flurry of skill, enthusiasm and determination, defying the weather to produce impressive defence and attack.

Throughout the day players also reaped the benefits of taking part in specialised skills sessions on front row play & the contact area, which were run by three RFU Community Rugby Coaches for players in between matches. Surely enough, this training was reflected at the very least in the impressive tackles made during the highly contested semi-finals and final.

At close of play, there were congratulations to the winners the Hill Colleges team, and the runners up Queens’, but there were high spirits among all players who had all thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply the skills they had been learning and simply to play.

Many thanks to the RFU Community Coaches and to all who refereed, played and supported the teams on the day. The Cambridge University Women’s Rugby Football Club would also like to extend a special thanks to Deborah Griffin, OBE for her support in promoting women’s college rugby, and to the RFU for their gift of balls and training equipment to the women’s college teams and their continued commitment to supporting the development of women’s rugby at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge 17 – 5 Olney

Cambridge Ladies travelled away to Olney on Sunday for the first match back since the ‘big freeze’. From the off, Cambridge dominated possession, but the Olney pack benefitted in the scrum from their 20-stone weight advantage. Tia Knight started the scoring off with a break down the wing, opening at the match at 0-5 to Cambridge. Towards the end of the first half the Olney girls managed to keep the ball in their forwards and with several ‘pick and goes’ managed to inch over the line to leave the half time score at 5-5.

The second half saw the Blues forwards come into their own in the scrum and get a fearsome engage on, which rocked the Olney girls. Their efforts were rewarded by a forwards try with Bryony Coombs making a break and Vicky McEvoy scoring the try. The blues backs also had a fantastic game, and executed their moves to perfection towards the end of the match, leading to a final try worked by Charlotte Browning and Sian McGuinness. Becky Lane converted, leaving the final score as Olney 5-17 Cambridge.

Forward and Back of the Match were hooker, Jess Gurney, and scrum half, Molly Byrnes. This match marked one month until the Varsity Match, so the girls are on a high and working tirelessly towards the goal of smashing the scum at 2.30pm on the 2nd March at Grange Rd.